Office of Chief Controller of Accounts
DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry

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The office of the Chief Controller of Accounts has the following Officers, who with the support of other officers and staff, carry out the various payment & accounting functions:

Chief Controller of Accounts Sh. Siya Sharan
Controller of Accounts (Accounts/Administration / Budget & Accounts) Sh. Sandeep T. Uke
Controller of Accounts (IAW)  
Dy. Controller of Accounts (Matters relating to IT) Sh. Bhole Amit G.
Asst. Controller of Accounts PAO(PDTM), Mumbai Ms. S.A. Narayankar (A.C.A.)
Asst. Controller of Accounts (PAO MSME, New Delhi) Sh. D.P.S. Yadav
Accounts Officer (HI/ Administration) Ms. O. Geetha Lakshmi Nayar
Accounts Officer (Compilation) Smt. Jyoti Vinod
Pay & Accounts Officer (DIPP) Smt. Manju Dua
Pay & Accounts Officer (MSME), New Delhi Sh. D. K. Ahuja
Sr. Accounts Officer (Budget & Accounts), New Delhi Smt. Rekha Bhakuni
Sr. Accounts Officer (Establishment), New Delhi Sh. Pawan Bhatnagar
Pay & Accounts Officer (MSME), Kolkata Sh. Hasiruddin Mullick
Pay & Accounts Officer (MSME), Chennai Sh. Visalakshi Ramanan
Pay & Accounts Officer (PDTM), Mumbai Ms. S.A. Narayankar (A.C.A)
Pay & Accounts Officer (MSME), Mumbaii Sh. V. H. Gotad
Pay & Accounts Officer (Salt), Jaipur Sh. N. R. Meena
Pay & Accounts Officer (Explosive), Nagpur Sh. Ksh Nobo Singh

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